Anemones Bouquet

Anemones Bouquet

The Anemone, often known as the “Wind Flower” due to the names derivation from the Greek word Anemos, which translates to wind. It was thought it was the wind that blew the flower open. Hardly, but in the wild it certainly blows their seed far and wide.

Simple, vibrant, popping with bright hue they are alluring in the extreme.  Anemones are a cleansing breath of spring air after a winter’s dreariness. Not too often seen for sale and then only for a month or two at most. When you think you have seen all the flower world has to offer…blow yourself away with these. It’s like hitting refresh.

Colors and shades may vary depending upon the stage of the harvest cycle.

Note: Anemones arrive in bud form and will begin to bloom within a few days of your online flower delivery.

Flower Price: $ 84.00

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