Flower Market


Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. We are excited to now offer Bonsai for beginners or for the serious Bonsai hobbyist.  We have a great selection including indoor and outdoor Bonsai, including the Money Tree Bonsai, the Trident Maple Forest Bonsai and the fragrant Gardenia Bonsai. The meaning of Bonsai has changed over the years, regardless, they bring thoughts of peace, harmony, and all good things, bringing a great Zen-like feeling!

Our Bonsai make beautiful birthday and anniversary gifts or simply when you need to say a special thank you.

Bonsai's unfortunately cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, due to state agricultural regulations.

Please take a moment to be your own weather forecaster and double check the conditions for the day and the location you are sending to …It can save you from loss due to freezing and or delivery delays. Weather.com