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Gardenia Bonsai

Gardenia Bonsai

$ 79.00

Outdoor Bonsai Trees

The art of Bonsai began in China then later was refined in Japan where it became an accepted national hobby, and from there it spread all over the planet as a meditative and artistic pastime.

Your outdoor Bonsai Tree will require a week in a shady area to adapt to its new surroundings.  

Outdoor Bonsai need to experience regular seasonal changes including winter.  In parts of the country with long periods of cold, you can protect your Bonsai tree by placing it in the garage or basement.

Bonsai's unfortunately cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, due to state agricultural regulations.

Please take a moment to be your own weather forecaster and double check the conditions for the day and the location you are sending to …It can save you from loss due to freezing and or delivery delays. Weather.com