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40 Mini Calla Lilies-Yellow

40 Mini Calla Lilies-Yellow

$ 119.00
$ 99.00

Calla Lilies

A flower of unparalleled sophistication, the striking Zantedeschia, also known as the Calla Lily, is prized for its simple beauty and innate grace. Though not botanically Lilies, Calla Lilies share the exotic allure of their namesake flowers. Atop each lofty stem is a solitary bloom, composed of a single graceful curl of color encircling a thick, upright stamen.

Calla Lilies are elegant whether paired with other flowers in a Calla Lily bouquet or alone, in an arrangement of pure Calla Lily bliss. Often Calla Lilies are arranged in wedding bouquets, centerpieces and are popular among brides.  We also offer bulk Calla Lilies for the DIY bride.