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Elegant, seductive, and lush, with its delicate perfume and rich beauty, the Lily has always had an elusive and inimitable appeal. In recent years, that appeal has broadened, as extensive hybridization has produced a myriad of exquisite new varieties, ranging from vibrant (and scent-free) Asiatic Lilies to snow-white Oriental Casablanca lilies.

Our premium grade Lilies are great for creating your own Lily bouquets, whether they be bouquets with large fragrant Lilies or bouquets that feature the smaller, bold and scent-free Asiatic lily.

From the first crack in the bud to the final graceful curl of each petal, the blooming of a Lily is a breathtaking sight. We ship all our Lilies in bud form, so we can share that experience with you.