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Brights Bouquet

Brights Bouquet

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Bright and wide and gorgeous, Sunflowers easily evoke life's simplest pleasures: friendly smiles, sunny days, and the vast and fruited plains. One of the few flowers native to the Americas, these golden Sunflowers have a country charm that's all their own.

Our fresh Sunflowers never fail to shine, whether mixed with other flowers to make a Sunflower bouquet or in a vase by themselves. Just place Sunflowers next to light yellow Tulips or pink Gerbera Daisies to create a stunning and classic Sunflower bouquet of pure Americana.

As the sun makes its way across the sky, the Sunflower will turn its face upwards, seeking heat and light. Be sure to keep your Sunflowers in a sunlit space, as their blossoms thrive in light sun.