About Us

Founded in 1999, Flowerbud.com is a California-based online flower company that partners with top growers in the US to offer premium flowers of unsurpassed beauty and freshness. We source our flowers with ethical standards in mind which is why we are proud to mention most of our flowers are Rain Forest Certified.

We want you to experience flowers the way farmers do. The idea is simple: easy and immediate access to the freshest farm flowers, and many of them that are grown with sustainability practices. Not just different varieties, but generous lavish bunches for full, dramatic arrangements. If you think these bouquets are lush, you'll be thrilled by the abundance of our classic grower’s bunches.

All of our flowers are shipped overnight via Federal Express, direct from our growers' fields, and most are still in bud form when you receive them, allowing you to watch them open, and ensuring that they last considerably longer than traditional florists' arrangements. Our prices include shipping and handling, and a simple polished acrylic vase can be added to most products for an additional cost. Click on any product for more details; explore and enjoy!