Send Christmas Wreath Materials

Deck the halls this holiday with your own DIY christmas wreaths and décor.  Flower wreaths are simple to make, you just need to gather the rights supplies and follow the tips we provide here. 

Christmas Wreath Supplies

The first step is to have a good source of greens, which is easy in today’s world of online flower delivery.  Our Christmas Greens Grand Box has fresh boughs of ilex, pine, cedar, white heather, and doug fir for you to create your own elegant Christmas centerpieces, garlands, and wreaths.  You can also add the greens to any of our overnight flowers to create a seasonal and sensational last minute christmas gift. Now, let’s learn how to transform your box of holiday greens into your own very own Christmas wreath.

Making Wire Wreaths

First, collect the basic supplies—you’ll need two wire hangers, floral wire, and craft glue.  The wire hangers are to make your own wreath form, though forms are also available if you would rather purchase a premade wire wreath frame.  To make the frame using a wire hanger, hold the hanger by its hook, and manipulate the body of the hanger until it is circular.  Do the same with the second wire hanger, and attach them together using floral tape.  The two hangers together make a strong form.

Using your overnight flowers and greens, cut several 8-10” long branches of pine, cedar, or doug fir.  Lay a small bundle of your chosen greenery along the form, and secure the branches to the wreath base by tightly wrapping floral wire around the stems at least three times.  Secure the wire with a knot and cut. Add another bundle, overlapping the previous bundle of greens by half, and wire the stems as before. Continue adding stems of greenery until you reach beginning, and the wreath base is fully covered by greens.

Embellishing Your Wreath

Now the real fun starts! Intersperse clusters of holly, ilex, pinecones, flowers, fruits or whatever you like within your wreath.  Secure your decorations with more floral wire or craft glue.  If you like, you can spray-paint some of your greens gold or silver before making the wreath—this will add shimmer and also extend the life of you overnight flowers and greens. To make it especially festive, add a ribbon to the top, and display your wreath by hanging it on a nail in your doorway, entryway, or living room.

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