Fresh Cut Valentine's Day Flowers

Last week, I had an opportunity to visit two of our farms in California, and it also allowed me to avoid the polar vortex, and some of the coldest temperatures in years!

I took full advantage of the milder California climate and toured our greenhouses and fields for the entire week, and connected with our growers, pickers, packers and bouquet makers. Millions (literally) of blooms later, I came away full of ideas and excitement for our upcoming offerings at Flowerbud.

Flowers from the Farm Fresh Tulip Fields 

Touring the farms also reminded me how special my team is. Watching them build the perfect bouquet, is truly a site to behold. They work with amazing speed, discarding all but the freshest, most perfect buds to create the bouquets that are on your doorstep 24 hours later.

Farm Fresh Flowers Online Flower Delivery

Some of the floral highlights of the trip included tours of the Butterfly Ranunculus fields in Arcata, and our Kalanchoe fields in Oxnard.  Our Butterfly Ranunculus grows extremely well in the Northern California climate, and is currently on trend with what we are seeing from some of the top floral designers. It goes well in a variety of bouquet styles, adding texture and color.  Most people know Kalanchoe as a potted plant, but ours are shipped as a cut flower, at about twenty-five inches long and with a very long vase life.

Online Valentine's Day Flower Delivery Butterfly Ranunculus Delivered

Head over to our Valentine's Day Market and fine the perfect farm fresh bouquet to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

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