Flowers for Father's Day

Like Mother's Day, Father's Day is a day of appreciation for all the dads in the world who have gone above and beyond at being an exceptional father. With it falling on the third Sunday of June, the 16th this year, it's a great opportunity to show your appreciation towards your father. Not only honor your biological father but honor any father figure in your life such as a step-father, grandfather, uncle, or anyone else who has filled this position in your life. Father’s day dates back to 1910 with the first celebration at YMCA in Spokane, Washington. With there now being over 70 million Fathers in the world, it's important to honor these figures in your life.

Father's Day is a time in which you get a moment to stop and appreciate the father figure in your life. To me, my dad means the world as he has always had a positive influence on my life. He has been there for me through the thick and the thin, giving some great and not so great advice to keep me motivated. Most of my memories with him are from my childhood where we would go on motorcycle rides, working in the garage and garden, and hands on projects around the house. Our relationship is close where we try and communicate with each other every day if not every other day. I find it important to go out of my way on Father’s Day to write a handwritten card showing my compassion towards him, baking him lemon bars which are one of his favorite sweets, and having fresh flowers ready for him. With the strong connection of family I find it important to also thank my grandfather as he has also had a positive influence on my life by encouraging me to strive for greater and better things.

The daunting thought of what to get your father for Father’s Day can be a tricky challenge we all try to find a personal gift that will make them feel good. In the past I have found that handmade gifts go a long way to my parents for these holidays but as I have grown up getting to treat them to something special is a great addition. With not being local to my father figures, it’s ideal to have a gift that can be sent to their door as a great surprise, such as flowers. If you are lucky enough to see your father on Father’s Day, treat them by taking them out to lunch or dinner, give them fresh flowers and a card, and spend as much quality time as possible.

Here at Flowerbud we have a variety of flower bouquets that are sure to impress your father figure on this special day. If you are looking for a Father's Day gift idea, consider a bouquet of flowers that have a cheerful and bright personality.  We recommend the Serrano Lilies, Yellow Farmers Market Bouquet or Conca D’Or Lilies. However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated look the Tulip and Iris Bouquet, Irises, or the Bright’s Bouquet is a great choice.

We also offer bouquet of flowers and our award-winning California wine from Trinity Rivers Vineyards. What better gift to get delivered than a remarkable bottle of wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A great addition to have delivered to your father figure on Father’s Day to spark some joy and show your gratitude for the endless loving support they give.

Make sure to send a personalized gift to your Father in celebration and honor of the sincere efforts that they have provided to your life. It's the little things in life such as giving quality time and though to your Father that will brighten their day.

Father’s Day Fun Fact: While Mother’s Day holds the record for most phone calls, Father’s Day has the most collect calls.