Flower Delivery for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving, a modern holiday that combines friends and Thanksgiving, two amazing things all in one. This modern twist of a holiday has been seen in recent years as an additional holiday and or in replacement for some as they want to celebrate this delicious holiday with friends.

In this day and age traveling can be pricy and requesting the time off isn’t as easy for the holiday. This trend is encouraging the celebration of Thanksgiving locally where you enjoy similar qualities of the traditional holiday but with close friend, hence the name Friendsgiving. If you choose to go to a Friendsgiving option rather than with family, send a bouquet of flowers online to your family in leu of you being there. The flowers send a warm message of wishing you could be there and that you are sending love.

When I was in college I started this tradition with my groups of friends as a way to celebrate the wonders that Thanksgiving brought to me and my family but now extending it to my friends. We would choose a weekend before or after our school’s Thanksgiving break to celebrate our Friendsgiving where each guest brought their own favorite family dish to share. There was always a wide range of food options where we got to try new traditional dishes and some of the classics. These moments were always special as it really rooted how important each friendship meant to the group and created our own family away from home.  If you can't make it this year, send flowers to your pals celebrating Friendsgiving.

The idea of taking a classic holiday and putting a modern spin helps to reignite the fun traditions in an inclusive way. For some the reality of celebrating a family Thanksgiving isn’t always possible but by inviting and creating a more welcoming thanksgiving with friends and family you get the best of both worlds, delicious food and flowers being shared with the people in your life that matter.

Fun fact: The name “Friendsgiving” picked up popularity through the tv show “Friends”.