Galentine's Day Flowers

You might not be too familiar with the term “Galantine’s Day” as it has only really made its debuted in the last 10 years. Celebrated on February 13th the day before Valentine’s Day, celebrates the importance of women celebrating women.

Galantine’s Day can mostly be credited to Leslie Knope from the popular show, Parks and Recreation in “Galantine’s Day” that aired February 11th 2010. Leslie best explains that meaning of this nonofficial holiday as “only the best day of the year, every February 13th my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we kick it breakfast style, ladies celebrating ladies”. Essentially, it’s the perfect excuse to take the time to celebrate and appreciate the girlfriends in your life and how valuable your friendship is. Throw a small party with your girlfriend while indulging in some wine, sweets, and selfcare. An easy way to splurge in a #treatyourself moment with the gals.

In the past I have enjoyed participating in the events of Galantine’s Day. I have even extended the meaning of Galantine’s Day to reach out to any and all close friends who deserve some extra love and appreciation. In some cases, some of my friends do not find themselves celebrating the traditional Valentine’s Day as they find themselves single. I have always found that adding some extra cheer to this time of year by creating fun and personalized Galantine’ s Day gifts has put a few extra smiles on their face. Some of the gifts that I customize included, a bouquet of flowers, a sweet treat, some self-care products such as a face mask, and something fun and personal.

Take the time to appreciate the ladies in your life not only helps justify a celebration of getting together, but a way to show your admiration for the value that they bring to your life. The simplest gestures such as scheduling a lunch, sending a bouquet of flower, or making that phone call to catch up makes this day all that more special.

Galentine's Day Flower Delivery