Christmas Flowers Delivered

Happy Holidays, a phrase that helps define the magic in the air around this time of year. A season in which we all share a similar value of joy, winter activities, and a time of gathering with friends and family. The natural decoration of winters snow glistening, the beauty of rain fall forming puddles of reflecting light, and vibrant colors left over from falls wonders. These admirations add in some extra winter magic for us to enjoy.

Bring home the festive colors of the holidays with a fresh bouquet of holiday flowers. A lively addition to any home or office to celebrate the magic of this time of year. With Christmas bouquets in rich colors of glistening white, deep reds, fresh greens, and Hanukkah Bouquests in vibrant blues and bright whites, you will find that each bouquet tells their own winter story.

Some of our more traditional bouquets for the holiday include our Christmas Bouquet, a splendid combination of festive red Amaryllis and Oriental Lilies. An exquisite Christmas bouquet that is cheerful and memorizing to anyone. A perfect floral gift to send for the holiday to brighten any environment.

Another winter favorite of ours is a fresh bouquet of Tulips, with the evolution of technology in the flower world, our farms are able to provide Tulips year-round. As one of our most popular flowers, these buds have a show to put on as they bloom. Our Holiday Spirit bouquet is a tasteful combination of red Christmas Tulips, and Christmas Greens. A perfect pop of color to balance out and compliment seasonal décor. If you are someone who prefers a pop of white in your bouquet, our Christmas Tulips & Iris Bouquet  offers a merry twist with vibrant red Tulips, pure white Iris, and rich Salal bringing it all together. But if you are someone who wants to stick with more of a Tulip theme, The Dutch Holiday Bouquet by Frederique’s Choice captures the hallmark Holiday spirit with cheery red Tulips, and glistening white Tulips, that are paired with variety of greenery that comes from the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

No matter the occasion it is all ways a treat to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in your environment. Be festive and share this joy with others as a holiday gift. We take the care of the hassle in gift giving by picking the freshest flowers, wrapping them up, and delivering it to your desired location.

Happy Holidays from the Flowerbud team!

Holiday Fun Fact:

Plants actually require exposure to cold winter temperatures in order to begin flowering again the following spring – this process is known as “vernalization.”