Farm Fresh US Peony Delivery

One of the magical things about flowers that there is a vast diversity of flowers that come and go throughout the year.  For us at Flowerbud, we are proud to partner with some of the smaller farms to bring you a variety of fresh flower options. 

Peonies have a short but sweet season between the months of May and June. With the farm that we partner with, they have a short season of blooming Peonies.  The weather needs to be just right as the buds begin to open up and are ready to be harvested. On this farm in Oregon, Peonies are grown outside which adds an extra element of variability to when the perfect picking season is. With the weather being just right, we have officially entered the quick season of Peonies.

Fresh Peony Delivery

This farm, is located in Oregon and is run by sweet women named Patti and her darling family. When arriving on the farm you are greeted by the family dogs on the farm that are just astatic to see new faces.  There is something always going on the farm, whether the family is managing the traditional aspects of the farm, celebrating a family event, or simply enjoying family moments, the wholesome quality of the farm is something to admire. As you look around on the farm you see the grandchildren running around in their rubber boots with the dogs and rows of beautiful flowers. Traditionally the family grows Blueberries and Peonies among a few other crops and here on Flowerbud we are offering their Peonies to you for a short time.

Peony flower delivery 

Peonies are a truly wonderful flower. With their marvelous design and a pleasant smell they are a special treat to receive when they are around.  The flowers of this farm use sustainable methods to grow their Peonies among their special touch of care to insure the highest quality flower. The Peony are freshly picked off the plant with a tight sphere bud, bundled and packaged together by hand, and then sent directly to you. You will notice upon arrival that these flowers take some time to open but getting the chance to watch them bloom you will notice what seems to be hundreds of layer of ruffled petals. The look of these reminds me of the many layer of a freshly baked croissant.

Peony flowers delivered

The hype for peonies is all the rage as they have the limited season to be picked. You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the bloom ad they make a perfect gift to send as a birthday gift, to someone special, or just an all-around sweet gift for yourself or a friend to brighten their day.