Fall Flowers Delivered

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian Lily is one of our most beloved flowers. It has all the qualities that our customers love including bright colors, intriguing markings, delicate shape and texture, and unparalleled hardiness.

It's a flower that has stood the test of time here at Flowerbud.com, being one of the very first varieties we put on our site. Over the years, customers have reveled in the long vase life; some have boasted of Alstroemeria lasting over 2 weeks!

Alstroemeria arrives in bud form and take a day or two to begin to open. You'll notice the blossoms outlast the leaves, which will begin to yellow over time. Pro tip: Trim the stems, prune back the leaves, and enjoy the flowers for many days to come.

Now is the perfect time to discover Alstroemeria.