flowers are a special gift for someone special and you!

In the month of February there is no doubt that there is love in the air. There is always something magical about this month. Valentine’s day is a day of expression of love through meaningful greetings and gifts. For children this is a day of creating hand written notes (valentines) for those in their school class’s and sharing sweet treats. For adults this tradition in some ways continues as we make reservations with someone special at a favorite restaurant, with fresh flowers in hand, and a small token of appreciation to share your love for one another.

Historically hand-written Valentines can be traced back as far as the 1700’s in America. A valentine was a way of sending a private non-verbal message that was traditionally paired with a flower. In some cases, a flower was specifically chosen for its meaning to convey the sender’s passion and feelings. For centuries flowers have been symbolic for love, marriage, fertility, and romance.

Valentine’s Day has turned to be a day of celebration of love and care not only between lovers but with family, friends, children. One found memory from my childhood was how my mother would set up a Valentine’s Day dinner for me and my siblings. She would go all out with flowers, cards, decorations, chocolates, and a fancy meal (usually a nice steak). It was something that I always enjoyed as a kid, and hope to continue in the future with my own kids. Its traditions like these that make the day special for everyone.

As traditions play on, in spirit we gift bouquets of fresh flowers to special people in our lives in which we want to express our love and gratitude for.  With our Valentine’s Day Market now open, you can choose from an array of breathtaking, fresh from the garden bouquets to send to your valentine.

Popular Valentines flowers:

Roses: A symbolic and traditional flower for valentines that is usual gifted in the dozens.

Lilies: Send a crush a bouquet of sweet-smelling Oriental Lilies to brighten their day. With their large bloom, silky pedals, and sweet fragrance you will be sending the right message to a special person.

Tulips: A flower with a mesmerizing bloom that shows their individual beauty within, the perfect bouquet that simply says “I love you, inside and out”.

Gerbera Daisy: A charming flower with a sweet and playful display of bright and cheerful colors. A simplistic but impressive bouquet of flowers that captive the charm in your relationship.

If you are looking for that extra wow factor for a Valentine’s Day gift, our Grand Boxes, will send that message loud and clear. We understand that simply one Valentine's Day bouquet might not be enough, that why we created the Grand Boxes that contain 4-6 bouquets of your desired flower. That way your Valentine feels spoiled an abundance of farm fresh bouquets to fill their home with lavish flowers to remind them of your love.

Fun Fact: it is estimated that nearly 190 million Valentines cards are sent every year in the United States, making it the second most popular holiday for sending cards, right after Christmas that comes in as number one.