Send Overnight Flowers

The amaryllis is an exceptional holiday item which has begun to rival the poinsettia as flora of choice for the Christmas season.  The Greeks called these winter flowers Amarullis, taken from a character in a poem by Virgil, which translates to “splendor,” or “to sparkle.”  Splendor is an accurate word to describe the flower’s tall stems, each topped by 3-4 large bell-shaped flowers, most often in vibrant red or pure white. Fresh-cut Amaryllis makes a gorgeous winter bouquet for your home or a perfect gift of overnight flowers to someone you love.  

Care for Overnight Flowers

Once you or your recipient receives a freshly cut winter bouquet, you’ll want to follow proper overnight flower care: re-cut the stems at an angle with a clean knife and place the stems in a clean vase with fresh, room-temperature water.  You’ll notice that an amaryllis winter bouquet from us will arrive in bud form, which allows you to witness the brilliant transformation from closed bud into something my mother called, “the trumpets of angels.” It truly is a beautiful sight to see as each tall stem sends out a symphony of lavish blooms. (Tip: If you want amaryllis winter bouquet in full-display at Christmas, purchase your cut stems from an online flower delivery service a few days before the big day.)

Winter Bouquet Decor

There are plenty of fun and creative ways to decorate your house with festive amaryllis flowers. Our online flower delivery selections include winter bouquet options of red or white amaryllis, or mixed bouquets of both.

Overnight Flowers and Gifts

The 3-4 blooms per stem will open at slightly different rates, allowing you to enjoy the transformative process from beginning to end. For a simple way to show off your winter bouquet, use a tall, clear vase to show off their height. To help support the stems or provide color and contrast, add boughs of evergreen or branches or red ilex berry.

No matter how you choose to display your overnight flowers, you will be sure to have a sight of splendor with these majestic winter blooms.