Summer Flower Gift Ideas

With summer solstice right around the corner, we begin to enjoy the aroma of summer. With warm summer days filled with friends and family there is no better time than to enjoy what life has to offer. Whether you are outside relaxing by the pool, hosting friends and family for BBQ’s, or just enjoying the beautiful weather, a bouquet from Flowerbud is a great addition to these moments. We carry a variety of summer flowers that are sure to impress and bring joy to anyone’s day. 
One of our go to summer bouquets is our Pastels Bouquet that is filled with bright and cheerful colors. This bouquet is filled with vibrant golden Sunflowers, pink Gerbera Daisies, and yellow Royal Lilies along with seasonal greens that complement this blooming bouquet. The colors in this bouquet remind us of everything sweet as it is a perfect addition for any event during the summer.

 Summer Bouquets Delivered


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade in hand. The inspiration behind our Lemonade Lilies Bouquet is to taking everything sweet and refreshing from a summers lemonade and highlight these flavors with the sweetly- scented Lilies. These Lilies are bursting with deep strawberry pink, creamy mango gold, lemon yellow, and soft yellow toned Lilies to show case the aroma of a refreshing summer day. These make a great addition as a gift to someone whom you feels needs some extra summer spirit, or even to have displayed at a summer time event.

.Summer Gift Ideas 

Another favorite of ours for the summer months is the Farmer’s Market Bouquet as they embody all the sweet finds you would get at your local farmers market. The Yellow Farmer’s Market Bouquet is filled with our freshest Royal Lilies, Freesia, Snapdragons, and vibrant greens that add some extra charm. With the busting yellow tones, it perfectly captures the warm summer rays of the summer and brings them straight to you. This bouquet is bountiful in gorgeous flowers and can be broken down into smaller beautiful bouquets to dress up many locations.

Fresh Farmer's Market Flowers

When you think of the summer, there is a vibrant sunset with shades of rich yellows and oranges in the sky. The inspiration behind our Mamma Mia bouquet is that moment of being impressed by these summer moments making want to exclaim “mamma mia that’s a gorgeous sunset”. Our Mamma Mia bouquet is filled with exquisite yellow Tulips, our elegant Royal Lilies, white Matricaria, and a variety of seasonal greens. All which embody the colors of a beautiful summer’s sunset in a lavish bouquet.

Summer Hostess Thank you Gift

Whether you want to send flowers to kick off the summer, a just because to put a smile on their face, or wanting to bring in the summer colors to your next summer event, Flowerbud will have the perfect bouquet for you. With our vibrant and warm colored flowers they will be one of the highlights to any summer moment.

Fun Fact about Summer Solstices: the word solstice comes from the word sol (sun) and sister (to stand still) as the sun in the sky looks like it’s at a standstill. It also marks that the earth is the farthest from the sun on this day, June 20, 2019.