summer thank you gifts

An ode to the people and places that made our Summer truly unforgettable:

A thank you to the family friends for hosting you at a summer BBQ or even a weekend away.
A thank you to the neighbor who watched your plants and animals while you were away.
A thank you to the Nanny and Babysitter who put in a few hours to ensure not only your kids were able to enjoy summer but also the adults.
A thank you to the boss who let you take some time off to enjoy the summer fun.
A thank you to the fitness friends and coach who helped motivate you through the hot day.
A thank you to a last-minute invite to a concert in the park.
A thank you to anyone who made a positive impact into you and your family’s summer.

But lastly a thank you to yourself for making it through another beautiful summer of activities.

As summer comes to an end, and the kids start back at school, we find ourselves reminiscing on all the fun commotion that has taken place in these warm, long day, months. For many of us, there was a team of key people who helped make the most of the summer fun and we constantly look for a way to show our appreciation.

Here at Flowerbud we have the perfect summer gift to show your appreciation to all moments that made up your summer. Whether you are wanting to say thank you to family friends, the Nanny, or someone who made an impact, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers sends just the right message. A fresh bouquet and a personalized note is not only a special treat to give and receive but with our wide variety of colorful summer bouquets you will be sending some of those lasting summer feelings to help keep the summer memories alive.

No matter the person or event that has taken place this summer, make sure to take a moment, jot down these memorable moments, and cherish them for what it is. Appreciation for all the little things that help make your overall summer an amazing one for you and your family leaves you on a good note as we start to transition back to our regular routines.

Fun Fact: Summer does not end until Monday, September 23, so keep the summer spirit alive by sending some farm fresh Flowerbud flowers to keep the memories going at your next summer moment!

Thank you summer gifts