Looking for the best way to thank someone for a great summer vacation?

As the summer season approaches and we typically spend more quality time with friends and family in the warm weather where quality memories are made. Whether you and or your family are being invited out for a weekend trip away to a family friends cabin, a destination vacation, or you are simply invited along on a day trip, we have a few tips and tricks on how to show your gratitude for these summer memories.

Some perfect ways to repay your gratitude for a trip like this is to make sure that your friend or host know how much you appreciate the time spent with them.

By sending a traditional thank you note it holds a significant value. A short but sweet thank you note about the good memories that were shared on your trip to express this gratitude makes all the difference to the host.

Taking it a step further, by sending a small token of appreciation with a thank you letter further shows your gratitude. What better way than to compliment a thank you note with some gorgeous flowers and a bottle of delicious wine. One of our most popular tokens of appreciation to send is our luxurious Stargazer Lilies that is complimented by a bottle of our award-winning Black Bear Cuvee. A beautiful bouquet of vibrant fresh Lilies and a glass of wine, a treat that is sure to impress while tying in the summer vibes.

Another way to make a lasting thank you impression is to invite the family over for future event such as holiday BBQ’s, a day enjoyable day trip, or even a family dinner. This allows for you to extend the gratitude of your relationship and continue to build a stronger relationship.

Personally, being invited on these summer getaways is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family and a great addition to keep you company on a vacation. I have a few planned for the summer and to stay ahead of the game in showing my gratitude I make sure to send a bouquet of fresh flowers, to be delivered on the day of arrival for the family. One of my go to bouquets to give is an elegant but fun bouquet of Rose Lilies that send an impressive message and a great conversation starter. That way the family knows that we are grateful to be there on the trip and started the weekend on a positive note.

Another fun treat that happens is when a family friend invited one of your kids on a vacation with their family. This is mutually beneficial as your kid gets to go on an adventure with their friends and they aren't stuck at home bored for the summer. This is one of those favors that a family takes on that cannot go unrecognized. Going above and beyond in appreciation in this type of situation is the right move as your kid not only gets to go on a fun trip with their friend, but the responsibility the family is taking on to look after your child.

Whether you are invited on a day, weekend, or extended trip, it’s always a good idea to show your gratitude and appreciation to the hostess for the memorable experience. Going the extra step to show your appreciation will strengthen and continue a relationship of great memories.

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