Sending sympathy flowers in the US

One of the hardest moments in life is having a loved one pass, being in this place can be difficult. Having the loving support of your community around you is what makes all these moments a bit more barrable. Whether you have friend or family come to visit in support, or send condolence, its these moments that bring people together to help that makes all the difference.

Sending sympathy is one of the grandest gesturers you can offer in a hard time. The thought of your world being temporarily flipped upside down due to the passing of someone important is truly unimaginable. The support from friends and family along with beautiful bouquet of sympathy flowers in honor of the passing creates one of the best support systems available. We recommend adding in a personalized message to share some of your most memorable memories with this person. 

Sharing the memories of someone who has passed not only paints a bigger picture of who this person is, but also helps keeps their spirit alive through stories. Although there are no set-in stone rules to the appropriate time to send sympathy bouquets and messages, we recommend to send flowers to the home of the mourning. It is still appropriate for friends and family to send flowers the following few months to help cherish and keep the memory alive.

If you are unable to attend a funeral or service, we recommend sending a traditional sympathy bouquet of flowers to the home of the family. This small gesture gives the family comfort and sympathy during this time. The simplistic gift of fresh flowers from the farm brings some life to a dark time.

We also recommend for the recipient of these gifts and message is to keep a recording of who is reaching out to you in this hard time. That way when the time is ready, you can send a thank you to the appropriate family, or organization.