Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teachers are the superheroes in hiding that help nurture and guide a student through their education. With teacher appreciation week falling on the second week of May, it's an ample time to give back to the teachers who have done so much for you. Every year teachers receive a new group of students who have their own personality, challenges, and enthusiasm to learn. For a teacher their job goes well beyond the expectations given, with countless hours in their free time preoccupied by investing in their student, it's important for the student and student’s family to recognize the support a teacher gives to each student.

With the hard work into their foretime for lesson planning, grading assignments, and going above and beyond in all the little things, teacher appreciation week is the perfect time to give a little something back. The sweet gesture of bouquet of flowers to a teacher gives a warm thank you as you recognize all the support that they have put into a student.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas  Gift Ideas for Teachers

I have some teachers from my childhood that I still stay in contact with as they support me even outside of the school environment. These teachers have made a lasting impression on me in my classroom education and beyond. Two teachers come to my mind that I have chosen to stay in contact with throughout the years. One of the first teachers to show me a successful way of learning and the fun in it was my middle school teacher. The alternative teaching with a more artistic perspective allowed for a more hand on approach and one of the first times that I can recall classroom learning really clicking in my head. Another teacher that I have found influential was my high school photography teacher who always went above and beyond in making sure that all her students had the support and success to thrive in their passions. With the extra hours during her free period, lunch time, and after school created the safe environment to learn and explore my potential in photography.

Flowers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Having teachers who take the time to go above and beyond is such an impactful move for students as they develop. Send your kids to school with flowers in hand to give them the opportunity to thank the teachers who impact their life. We recommend our Tulip bouquet, a classroom friendly choice and cheerful color. Another great choice is our Yellow Farmer’s Market Bouquet, a beautifully bright bouquet that is made up of yellow Llilies, Freesia, Snapdragons, and complemented by gorgeous greens.