Winter Wedding DIY Flowers

Winter weddings are filled with extra magic as we embrace the accents of the winter weather. With glistening snow, sparkling rain, and colder weather overall, weddings are typically planned with this in mind. For some having a winter ceremony outside and a cozy warm reception inside is ideal, for others they play it safe with the wedding taking place in a venue all together is the right choice. No matter the location and weather, incorporating the winter tones into your wedding makes it all that dreamier.

Snowy weddings are just as whimsical as those childhood memories of playing in the snow for the first time. With fresh blankets of white snow covering the surrounding grounds, accenting the existing colors of nature, and the architecture the surrounds it. This creates the perfect backdrop for any wedding, which allows you to be fully creative when it comes to the aesthetic theme that you try to convey. Keeping it warm and cozy with rustic tones that creates that warm welcoming you are looking for. If you want a pop of color that still plays in with your winter wonderland, rich colored Roses give that wow factor to your wedding arrangements while complimenting the warm textures.

The nice part about having a wedding inside a venue, is that the venue you choose typically has some form of decorations up for the season. This helps financially as you only need to add in a few accents to compliment the beauty of the venue and make it custom for your special day. For example, if there is a hearth above a fireplace, adding in rich in green garlands will help create that cozy atmosphere. Add in an accent with white flowers such as, Siberia Lilies, that give that elegance and winter-esque vibe to your centerpieces that helps bring everything together.

The details to a winter wedding can be that simplistic accent that creates the winter wonderland feeling of the season. With warm soft texture, twinkling lights, and natural tones such as greenery, pinecones, and wood all contribute to making you and your guest enter your dream wedding. Along with some of the rustic winter decor, add in some beautiful Tulips that come in a variety of colors for some extra pizzazz. Tulips have a graceful yet luxurious look for your wedding while keeping you on a budget. These budget friendly flowers will continue to grow and bloom upon arrival allowing you to get the most out of your arrangements.

Enjoy your winter wedding by customizing your flower display with a wide variety of flowers offered year-round. Our Grand Boxes are ideal for creating custom DIY winter wedding centerpieces. Each box contains an abundance of flowers at a low price that allow you to get your DIY skills going as you set up for the big day. If you have any questions or concerns about flowers for your wedding, feel free to reach out to us so we can help make your flower dreams come true.