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Casablanca Lilies

This is the one! The now famed variety that formed the foundation of my own US farming efforts in 1984, which in turn led to the creation of in '98 ...among the very first ventures into ecommerce, in any category, let alone fresh cut flowers.

A nationwide, leading edge ecommerce platform stemming from just one tray of bulbs, each the size of a pea and sold by the kg …a tray roughly the size of two shoe boxes. The cost …a piggy bank butchering $6600! It takes some faith to bury your entire net worth in cold damp soil for a year or two.

Casablanca the bulb, an enigma to all but a few of The Netherland’s “bulb mafia” was guarded jealously and priced accordingly. Arguably hybridized in New Zealand, somehow appropriated by the Dutch and blessed with a name change along the way. It’s a classic name that aided and abetted what would prove to be a truly magnificent lily, an amazingly prolific grower capable of producing a flower still supremely prized some thirty years later.

$120 Shipping Included