What Our Customers Say

You've read what we have to say about our flowers; now read what our customers have to say. Want to contribute your own story to this page? Send us an email at customercare@flowerbud.com, and let us know what you think of our flowers!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that once again Flowerbud has outdone itself. Having ordered previously for flowers to do special occasion arrangements at church, I have always been more than pleased with your flowers and service.

For Valentine's Day my husband ordered me a bunch of Casablanca Lilies (my all time favorite) and to say that these flowers are spectacular would be a stunning understatement.

They arrived in perfect condition - expertly packed in their sturdy box. They have nice, long stems with not one breakage. They smell divine. These gorgeous blooms are huge and showy (at least the size of my face, some as big as a dinner plate) when fully opened.

I love flowers, spent 5 years as a college student working in a florist [shop] and I can honestly say I've never seen nicer flowers. It truly is a pleasure to do business with Flowerbud.
Aimee H., Chantilly, VA


My children sent me a bouquet of daffodils for Valentine's Day yesterday. In addition to being surprised by the delivery, I was impressed with the quality and professional presentation from the flowers, to the box and down to the card.

Having grown up in Kentucky where daffodils/buttercups are plentiful in springtime, I was surprised to receive a beautiful reminder of my mother's flower garden here in Florida.

Thank you for providing such beautiful flowers that invoked fond memories!
Judy H., Leesburg, FL


So, I wanted to send some pictures of my purple and white mini-calla lilies that were sent on time, packaged to keep the flowers safe and were a great price. And most importantly, they were BEAUTIFUL.

We had enough flowers to make the bouquets, boutonnieres and the reception. I got so many compliments on the flowers and everyone thought they were done by a professional.

Again, thanks so much for your help and for the quality flowers you sell through your website.
Erica B.J., San Jose, CA


I have ordered my third bouquet from Flowerbud [and anticipate ordering many more bouquets]. I sent flowers to my dearest friend, Jennifer, because I had to miss our 20-year high school reunion. She said she received the most breathtaking bouquet she had ever seen.

Today, I sent the Harvest Bouquet to two families [to recognize] the loss of their father. I know they will love them. I can’t wait to order my 12th so that I can [have a bouquet of] my own too.

P.S. I love your website. [It] is so beautifully done.
Heather, Conroe, TX


I recently sent this order of Christmas Lilies to a friend and while I rarely get to see my gift selection was able to do so this time. The flowers were simply stunning and what a statement they made in my friend's holiday-decorated home!

I always receive great comments about the flowerbud arrangements I have sent, but given that I got to see this particular order firsthand, I know the comments were sincere.

Thank you for your great service and flowers!
Carol W.


I have to say, you guys at Flowerbud have come through in normal fashion: amazingly beautiful flowers delivered right on time to my door for a more than fair price. My girlfriend Lisa and I just recently sent flowers to her Mom for Mother's Day. They were fantastic from the day they opened until the day gravity won the battle. Her Mom actually had to take one of the lilies to work in order to demonstrate its size.

Thanks for the products you provide, your attention to detail, and your always diligent work.
Matt J., Long Beach, CA


I'm not the type of person who writes and complains or gives compliments about products or services but in this case I have to make an exception.

I recently ordered a bunch of Stargazer Lilies for Mother's Day from you. They arrived looking perfect, started to bloom after a couple of days and have been going strong since.

I love stargazers and have been buying them from you and other places for years now and NEVER, EVER have I seen stargazers as beautiful as what you sent me!!They were HUGE, fragrant, and the amount of buds and flowers was unbelievable! I wasn't sure what to expect at such a busy time of the year but boy was I ever pleasantly surprised.

Thank you so much for providing such a great product and great service. You've got a customer for life.
Joseph P., New Britain, CT


In October, I was asked to donate floral arrangements to a weekly Sunday brunch that a group of volunteers organizes for the patients at Walter Reed Hospital and their visiting families. Through your wedding section, I ordered masses of orange tulips... they were gorgeous! I mixed them with rosehips and autumnal foliage, and every single arrangement went back to a soldier's room after the brunch.

My second story is that my sister visited Italy this summer in order to locate the village that my great grandparents came from. Not only did she find the village, she discovered relatives who invited her for coffee and cake. Upon her return to the states, she wanted to send them some flowers as a thank you, so naturally she used the international deliveries link on your website. Somehow flowers were delivered to a tiny little village high up in the mountains of Abruzzi... probably by mule! I don't think the houses even have numbers.

... and then of course, thank you for all the beautiful flowers that were delivered to Fort Polk when we were stationed there. I don't believe you ever let me down when I had a reception or a tea to host or needed morale boosting gifts for the long-suffering spouses in my husband's unit.
Martha W., McLean, VA


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that your flowers are always beautiful and stunning. I have never been more pleased with a florist and am so very glad that I found your site on the web. I sent the lilies to my mother this month and they were beautiful. I also ordered the Bluebird Bouquet for myself and it is lovely beyond words.

Thank you for truly delivering a quality product each and every time.
Tom D., Campton, KY


My friend called yesterday to say thanks for the irises you sent for us. She said they were the most beautiful irises she had ever seen, quite a compliment from a member of the Iris Society who has won several blue ribbons for her own irises. She went on and on, saying much more than was necessary for a thank-you message. Clearly, she was very taken with them.

Just wanted you to know! Many thanks!
Jean H., Cape Coral, FL


I just had to email you. I ordered a bouquet of lisianthus on February 19th because I was having a bad week and thought they would brighten my home and pick up my mood.

I am TOTALLY amazed that the flowers are STILL blooming and the buds are still opening, almost three weeks later! I've had to remove some blooms that have died, but I have never seen flowers last this long. And yes, they DID pick up my mood! This is why I order from you!
Denise G., Montgomery, AL


Generally I don't respond to email ads but I did open yours, only because of past good luck with your company. I wanted to thank you for the amazing bouquet of unusually fine flowers.

From the beautifully printed box to the beautiful and high quality flowers inside, the whole package was superb. I had had an art opening and my wife's band played at it and the bouquet was a quality thank you for the quality music. It made her very happy.

I think it's so cool in this day and age when companies go the extra effort to have such a beautiful presentation and AMAZING product.
Bob B., Logan, UT

I wanted you to know that my grandmother in Redmond, Washington called to thank me once again for the lilies I sent her for Mother's Day. She said they looked fantastic and smelled even better. The fragrance was strong enough she put them in her hallway on the second floor of her facility and the entire floor stopped by to enjoy & compliment her on the flowers.

She wanted me to pass the information along to you, to let her know it's the most beautiful bouquet she's ever seen. That's saying a ton, as she's 91. Nice job, you made my day and her week.
Kent L., Portland, OR


No issues... just a note saying that I've been purchasing flowers from you for about 8 years and have always been impressed with the quality. I'm also a big fan of the website. Very easy to order and check status. Thank you!
Mike B., Hillsboro, OR


I just wanted to thank you. I just received a promotional code because I have sent 10 bouquets since you started your loyalty initiative. I ALWAYS use Flowerbud.com because your service is excellent, direct and most importantly beautiful and of the highest quality. I have used Flowerbud since 2001 (just about) and I recommend you to friends, family and coworkers. So this special thank you to me was extra sweet, a total surprise. I used it to send my favorite peonies to my mother (the most frequent Flowerbud recipient on my list!).

Thank you for helping me to stay connected in a gorgeous way to family and friends who are far away.
Delphine C., Dallas, TX


The flowers I ordered last week were fabulous. I saw the daffodils at my mother-in-law's house and they were beautiful. Great job! I definitely will be repeat customer! As a matter of fact, I am in the midst of starting my own business and whenever I need flowers sent, I will call you! I hope you can do large orders!
Jennifer L., Summit, NJ



This is the first time I have purchased flowers from your company and I must say I am very impressed. Unlike most companies an actual person picked up the phone when I called. The prices for your flowers are straight forward and fairly priced. You don't have so called sale prices 365 days a year. You show the price of the flower with shipping.

I know from past experience that dealing with customers can be difficult. Most of the time people only will give feedback when something goes wrong. I am very happy with your service and products and look forward to ordering from your company again.
Bruce C., Cambridge, MA


I wanted to let you know that Flowerbud.com is one of my most trusted Internet stores. I'm also grateful for the fact that over the past 5 years, you've never sold, or distributed my email to any other company! I sincerely appreciate the fact that you send me timely, relevant offers based on my previous orders, and that you don't overload my inbox with junk mail.

In terms of the quality of your flowers, I couldn't be happier with them. I have such confidence in you ability to deliver the highest quality flowers on-time and in excellent condition, that I only order flowers from you! Please keep up the fantastic service!
Steve C., San Jose, CA


I want you to know that I am a huge flower lover, and since my first Flowerbud.com bouquet arrived five years ago (a congratulations bouquet for the birth of my first son), I have been an ardent Flowerbud.com fan. I have never seen such consistently beautiful flowers nor such consistently wonderful service - and I tell everyone.

My first bouquet came from friends on the Passport team at Microsoft - you were one of their first signers and they were supporting you for being "on the edge." Another stroke in your favor.

Thanks for many wonderful flowers, for me and the most important people in my life. You simply do a lovely job with something that is very important to me. Keep up the great work.
Kris P., San Anselmo, CA


I wanted to thank you for the quality of service and product that your company offers; I am so thrilled at the level of customer satisfaction that I will definitely order from you again and refer others to you.

The flowers I ordered from you are difficult to find and you had them. The wrapping was top notch and the stems were in excellent condition upon arrival and my mom loves them. Thank you!!
Amanda W., Sedro Woolley, WA


I have been a long time customer of Flowerbud.com and wanted to let you know how thrilled everyone is when they receive flowers from your company. Just recently I sent my best friend's wife flowers from Flowerbud.com to celebrate her motherhood and the birth of their first child. The e-mail I received today was that my friend had "not seen a smile on [his wife's] face that big since returning from the hospital."

I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic flowers and service I have received. You are the best!
Tagg H., Newark, DE


Thank you so much for doing such a great job! The flowers arrived on time, and my mom loved them.  They're blooming now and she said they look gorgeous.

Everyone I spoke to on the phone was so nice and helpful.  You definitely have some of the best customer service around!
O.P., Boston, MA


I recently sent this order of Christmas Lilies to a friend and while I rarely get to see my gift selection was able to do so this time. The flowers were simply stunning and what a statement they made in my friend's holiday-decorated home!

I always receive great comments about the flowerbud arrangements I have sent, but given that I got to see this particular order firsthand, I know the comments were sincere.

Thank you for your great service and flowers!
Carol W., Madison, WI


I don't send flowers often enough but when I do I always choose flowerbud.com and I regularly recommend you all to friends and family. While not the cheapest flower vendor, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to quality. And now I can talk about your extraordinary customer service as well.
Michelle T., St. Petersburg, FL


I have had many beautiful arrangements from www.flowerbud.com, but the two that came for my birthday in January and for Valentine's Day in February were truly extraordinary!   Your flowers and your service puts you in a class of your own, and I will always be one of your loyal fans.
Your Lilies are my favorites, and today, I ordered some Stargazers just for myself:)
Thanks again for your amazing flowers and service.
Penny F., Naples, FL


Once again, outstanding job!!  My friends just called and were simply overwhelmed by the flowers !!  I first saw you on the TV in the late 1990s. 
Thanks for the great flowers (thanks to the team that makes the flowers happen!)
R. Beady, Boston, MA


Dear Flowerbud.com,
I have been patronizing Flowerbud.com for several years. In fact, yours is the ONLY company I would consider using for my floral gifts because of your consistently outstanding service and beautiful FRESH and long-lasting flowers.

I wanted you to see a few photos that my aunt sent to me after receiving her gorgeous, glorious tulips from Flowerbud.com for Mother’s Day. The photos look almost as breathtaking as the actual tulips!

Thanks so much for making this customer as delighted as the recipient.

Sincerely yours,
Bonnie R., Sherman Oaks, CA


My wife just received the flowers and once again you came through beautifully.  She, and I, are always impressed at your performance over all these years.  Wonderful flowers and service at a fair price.

We continue to highly recommend Flowerbud.com to all those we know. 

Thanks again
Paul F., Los Angeles, CA


I took a chance and ordered a bunch of your mixed Anemones and I just had to write to tell you how beautiful they have been and how much I have been enjoying them! I don't think I have ever had flowers before that I have enjoyed so much. The vibrant colors, the reds, purples, and blues, have brought pure joy in my home. They are simply wonderful! I have had them for nearly a week, and although I have lost a few, the bouquet is still gorgeous and truly a sight to behold.

Thank you for offering them! It is so much fun to have something different.
Nancy T., Ormond Beach, FL


Don't ever stop. You are always and always have been simply marvelous. Thank you...
Michael I., Sonoma, CA


Dear Folks at Flowerbud,
I just want to tell you how much I appreciated you when I recently sent Coral Peonies to my mother for her 85th birthday. I searched the internet for a source of peonies for her June 1st birthday...and finally settled on you. When she was a small child, her little old Italian neighbor used to give her one peony for every year of her age on her birthday, so I thought this was a fitting gift for her milestone of 85 years. Also, since she lives in California, she hasn't had a bouquet of peonies for quite some time.
She phoned me to say, "I don't know how much you paid for those peonies, but they were worth every penny". She was very impressed with their beauty and size...and so, I wanted to pass along her compliments to you.
Thank you again,
Janice A., Glen Burnie, MD


Merry Christmas to all of you at Flowerbud. As newlyweds in these unsure economic times, we don't get to order your gorgeous flowers as often as we would like, so for both my birthday and our anniversary your flowers are always at the top of my wish list… making them even more meaningful. From the quality of the blooms right down to the packaging we are always so happy with the product we have received from you and have recommended you to our friends and coworkers all throughout Texas.
Thank you for all that you do and have a wonderful holiday.
Derek & Sarah R., Austin, TX


Hello, I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the beautiful flowers my cousin sent me while recovering from surgery recently. I received a number of bouquets - but none compared with the beauty of yours.  I was so impressed with the lasting beauty and fragrance of the freesia and lilies.  I kept the water fresh and each day it was like a new bouquet. And the packaging was so impressive.  Thank you!  I'm hanging onto your contact info and I'll be in touch when next I'm ordering flowers.  Thanks again.
Jackie B., Denver, CO


I have ordered flowers often. I will NEVER order flowers from anywhere other than flowerbud.com EVER again!

I sent an arrangement to my husband’s Aunt today for her 90th birthday! They arrived today…just as planned. She was gushing on the phone about how beautiful the flowers are. (Her only complaint was it was so heavy…remember, she is 90…and weighs about 90 pounds as well!)

She said, “Honey, these flowers are stunning! And, there are so many it could have been four arrangements!”

Needless to say, I am thrilled!!!! Experience was flawless. I even needed help changing the card after I submitted it and got a response right away.

I am kind of a big mouth…so I will be sharing flowerbud.com with friends and family.


Keep up the excellent service!

Tricia W., Cincinnati, OH


I just wanted to tell you how awesome your flowers are compared to anybody else's. I sent my Mom 'Sleigh Ride' for Christmas and today she told me big beautiful lilies are still opening up. She continues to be so thrilled. She said, 'Thanks again for the gift that keeps on giving!' I sent her tulips from you all a couple of years ago and they were beautiful for days and days! You all ROCK. Your flowers are unique, happy, gorgeous, and fun, and the quality is superb. Thanks for loving what you do because it shows!!

Cindy D., Colorado Springs, CO