Calla Lily Flower Care

Simple, elegant, and undeniably sophisticated, Calla Lilies are among our most oft-requested flowers. Especially popular for summer weddings, these graceful flowers are fast becoming a modern classic. Their distinctive shape and pure, vibrant colors make them immediately appealing, and they're incredibly easy to arrange. Our standard care instructions still apply, these are just additional things you'll need to consider.

Clean your scissors.

While we always advise cutting the stems with a clean, sharp blade (be it scissors, pruners, or a kitchen knife), this is especially important with Calla Lilies. Exposure to bacteria can damage them very quickly, leading to brown, mushy stems and damaged flowers. If you see any damaged stems, remove those flowers immediately, rinse off the remaining stems and the vase, and change the water.

The stems may split.

Brown stems, as mentioned above, are a problem, but splitting stems are not. The stem of a Calla Lily is structured differently from that of most flowers, and it may split at the bottom, curling a bit as it peels up. It may look alarming at first, but it allows the flowers to drink more water, and that's a good thing.

Keep it simple.

Calla Lilies will look their best in a simple arrangement, with no greenery or filler. Don't be afraid to cut the stems at varying lengths, as this will best display each individual flower.