Peony Flower Care


Though they're only available for a few weeks each year, Peonies remain one of our most oft-requested flowers. Perhaps because of that limited availability, or perhaps because these lush blooms are most popular as a garden flower, many people aren't aware of the intricacies of their care. Our standard care instructions still apply, these are just additional things you'll need to consider.

They open fast.

Fresh from our grower's farm, your Peonies will arrive in small, tight buds, but they won't stay that way for long. Be sure to remove plenty of leaves and cut the stems before you put them in water, as you won't want to take them out again once they're opening, and that can happen astonishingly quickly.

They open large.

Be sure to give your Peonies plenty of room to open. You'll want to choose a vase that seems too big at first; the small buds will expand more than seems possible, and you don't want to restrict them while they're opening.

Their beauty can be fleeting.

Because each flower is so large, Peonies use quite a bit of water. Be sure to keep the vase full of fresh clean water, and be aware that their vase life maybe be shorter than that other flowers. Their spectacular beauty is well worth it, though.