Rose Flower Care

Their scent is legend, their beauty oft-cited, and their thorns much maligned; in short, there's no flower more symbolic than a Rose. A classic gift, whether as a token of romance or friendship, Roses are among our most popular flowers.

Delivered in bunches of two dozen, our grower-direct Roses are unlike anything you can buy from a florist: fresher and packaged quite differently. They require a bit of special care, but they're certainly worth it. Our standard care instructions still apply, these are just additional things you'll need to consider.

They're straight from the farm.

More like garden-grown Roses than those you buy from a florist, our Roses will arrive with the thorns blunted but not removed, with all their original foliage, and with the outer "guard" petals still on each flower. You'll want to remove those protective outer petals, as well as any extra foliage, particularly any which might like below the water line.

There are lots of them.

They're big, too. Though our Flowerbud vase has been specially chosen to hold a full bunch of 24 Roses, and not all vases are created equal. If you're used to arranging Roses in groups of one dozen, you may need to use more vases. Be sure to arrange them with plenty of room for each flower to open and be admired.