Wedding Flower Care & Storage

Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

Caring for bulk flowers doesn't have to be difficult, no matter how daunting our extra-large boxes may seem. Whether you're receiving a hundred flowers or a thousand, a little bit of preparation can make a huge difference in keeping the whole situation worry-free.

Be sure to read the care instructions for the specific varieties of flowers you've ordered as well as these general bulk instructions. After all, you never can know too much!


When your flowers first arrive, you'll want to be able to put them in water quickly and easily, so we recommend preparing your buckets ahead of time. Yes, buckets. They may not look glamorous, but buckets are a great way to store your flowers until you're ready to arrange them.

Make sure you have enough buckets to store all your flowers (about three buckets per grand box of Tulips or Mini Callas, one to two buckets per box of Lilies), and enough space to arrange all the buckets. You'll want to keep the flowers in a cool area (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit), out of direct sun and away from heat vents, radiators, ceiling fans, or anything else that will heat them up or dry them out.


You'll want to clean your buckets thoroughly before you use them to store flowers, as flowers are susceptible to bacteria. Wash them with soap and then rinse them thoroughly, even if they're fresh from the store.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Once your buckets are clean, fill them with fresh, clear, lukewarm water, and add flower food. You may have to wait until the flowers arrive to add the flower food, but if you have some in advance, that's great. Be sure to mix it according to the instructions on the package; one packet per bucket is usually about right.

Farm Fresh Wedding Flowers

Upon Arrival

Open the package carefully and remove all of your flowers. Cut at least an inch off the bottom of each stem, loosen the bunches (unless you've received Tulips!), and place the flowers in the water as soon as possible.

Wedding Flower Tips

Your flowers will require at least 24 hours to recondition, and will drink a lot of water during this time. Be sure to keep the water topped off! Taller flowers may need a bit of support while taking their initial drink (try leaning them against a wall or suspending them over a bucket with a cooling rack, both should help), and some flowers will require specialized care.

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You can find more information about specific varieties on their product pages, our specialized flower care pages, and in our Flower Care FAQ and Wedding FAQ. For more information about our Bulk Flowers, please visit our DIY Wedding Flower page.