40 Tulips

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Sweeten your Easter with 40 tender Tulips highlighted with Salal. The freshness of our Spring Tulips are unparalleled to anything outside your own garden; in fact, your fresh cut Tulips will grow a few inches in the vase with cool water and trimmed stems. An armful of our sweetest Tulip blossoms, as fresh as if you'd picked them yourself, as bright as the smile on your face. Elegant, luminous, and available year-round, these classic blooms are sure to delight.

40 farm fresh Tulips seem to grow from a collar of deep green Salal, giving this abundant bouquet all the charm of a lush garden. 

For DIY weddings, special occasions and unforgettable gifts, we also offer 120 stems of Tulips in our Grand Box of Tulips.

We are excited to announce our Tulips are Rainforest Alliance Certified. That means not just that they are sustainable grown, but that our farm demonstrates a commitment to socially and environmentally responsible farming.

Shipping Included
Flower Care: 

Beloved for their vibrant colors and simple shape, Tulips are among our most popular flowers. Though they're familiar to almost everyone, they do have a few quirks that might take you by surprise. Our standard care instructions still apply, these are just additional things you'll need to consider.

They need support.

When you receive your Tulips, they'll be wrapped in a paper sleeve that is both decorative and protective. Tulip stems can soften quite a bit in transit, and this sleeve is designed to support them while they take their first drink. Tear off the bottom of the paper, cut the stems, and put the flowers in water. Please leave this sleeve in place while your Tulips take their first long drink of water; this should take approximately four to six hours.

They'll keep growing.

You'll notice that your Tulips will seem to grow after they've been in the vase for a little while. This isn't an illusion. Our Tulips are so fresh, they can grow up to two inches in the vase, as long as they have plenty of fresh, clean water to sustain them.

They're thirsty.

All cut flowers require quite a bit of water, but Tulips require more than most. This makes it extra important that you check the water level in the vase daily, as a drought will cause them to droop and die.

Bloom Stages: 

Farm fresh Tulips will arrive with colorful buds tightly closed. Enjoy watching them progressively open and grow taller, up to two inches in the vase, as long as they have plenty of fresh, clean water to sustain them.

Shipping Information: 

All of our flowers and gifts are shipped via FedEx, and Standard Overnight delivery is included in all of our prices. We charge a little bit extra when FedEx charges us: for upgrades to Priority Overnight ($10) or Saturday Delivery ($15), and for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii ($12).