African Lady Lilies

Though not quite Schiaparelli's trademark shocking pink, these bright-blushing lilies do have a touch of the glamour girl about them.

With the distinctive perfume of an Oriental Lily and the outward facing blossoms of a Trumpet Lily, "Orienpet" hybrids have the best of both worlds, and these Shocking Lilies are among our favorites, with each gorgeous flower all dressed up in a fancy cream and red frock.

Each stem holds three to five buds, filling your home with their sweet fragrance.  Enjoy 10 stems in this grower bunch.

Shipping Included
Bloom Stages: 

Farm fresh Lilies arrive with buds closed tightly not showing color. In the following days you will begin to see color on the buds and a few will begin to open. From day 4 to 7 or 8 (depending on light and temperature) the Lilies will be in their peak of blooming beauty.

Shipping Information: 

All of our flowers and gifts are shipped via FedEx, and Standard Overnight delivery is included in all of our prices. We charge a little bit extra when FedEx charges us: for upgrades to Priority Overnight ($10) or Saturday Delivery ($15), and for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii ($12).