Cobra Lilies

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Intensely colored and intoxicatingly fragrant, our Cobra Lilies share a certain exotic drama with their namesake snake, though they've none of its venom. Like all Oriental Lilies, the Cobra Lily is blessed with a large and elegant flower; unlike the others, it blooms blood-red.

This bouquet includes 10 stems and each Cobra Lily stem holds three to five buds, which will blossom in approximately five to seven days, filling your home with their sweet fragrance, a perfect anniversary gift.

We are excited to announce our Cobra Lilies are Rainforest Alliance Certified. That means not just that they are sustainable grown, but that our farm demonstrates a commitment to socially and environmentally responsible farming.

Shipping Included
Bloom Stages: 

Farm fresh Lilies arrive with buds closed tightly not showing color. In the following days you will begin to see color on the buds and a few will begin to open. From day 4 to 7 or 8 (depending on light and temperature) the Lilies will be in their peak of blooming beauty.

Shipping Information: 

All of our flowers and gifts are shipped via FedEx, and Standard Overnight delivery is included in all of our prices. We charge a little bit extra when FedEx charges us: for upgrades to Priority Overnight ($10) or Saturday Delivery ($15), and for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii ($12).