Cupid's Dart

Valentine's Day Flowers Delivered

You think traditionally, very traditionally, and to you St. Valentine’s Day is as red as red can be. Then this simply beautiful, multi-colored bouquet of 8 Tulips, 4 Iris, 3 Royal Lilies with Waxflower, Pom Daisies, and Honey Bracelet enough red in it to satisfy even your sensibilities.

She however, is less traditional than you seem to think, preferring pink. So in deference to her, we match your reds with pinks for her. The day is saved and a Sweet Valentine she will be.

On February 14th this Cupid’s dart is the only one you will need in your quiver. Bulls-eye!

Shipping Included
Shipping Information: 

All of our flowers and gifts are shipped via FedEx, and Standard Overnight delivery is included in all of our prices. We charge a little bit extra when FedEx charges us: for upgrades to Priority Overnight ($10) or Saturday Delivery ($15), and for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii ($12).